We offer a bilingual playgroup, where fun and learning are combined. Welcome are children from their 2nd birthday until they go to Kindergarten.

Every morning we have 3 hours of playgroup fun, where we will learn life skills alongside playing and making friends. These include social skills, fine- and gross motor coordination, German and English. We value every child’s input and the topics covered will be based on the group’s interests.

We offer spaces for up to 15 children every day and will be playing in our two main rooms, one of which is a huge movement room with a ball pool and stage. The other has tables for creating art pieces and has a quiet area. In addition, we have a kitchen and dining room. Both are equipped so that the children can be involved in helping to prepare the food.  



A typical morning will follow this basic structure:

approx. time  
8.30 Welcome time (free play)
9.00 Circle time 
9.20 First activity (games/crafts/movement/etc.)
10.00 Snack
10.30 Second activity (games/crafts/movement/etc.)
11.15 Story time (pick up time)


Price structure

Monday – Friday:   08:30 – 11:30 

1 morning costs 45.- (snack included)




On Mondays mornings, a Playball instructor comes by, and does a 50 minute session with us.

Playball classes are innovative, energetic and structured. The children are taught a broad range of sports giving them a rounded sports skill set. 

A positive self image is the result of experiencing success. A feeling of fulfillment is experienced when children achieve success in a fun, positive, happy and confidence building environment.